Puppy’s First Christmas


This year will be our pug pup Alfred’s first Christmas and I have every intention of spoiling him rotten. I am all too excited to hang Alfie a stocking and sneak some presents from “Santa” under the tree.  My favorites thus far are from Harry Barker, very possibly the chicest pet accessory company on earth.  I have my eye on the silhouette dog beds (so regal), polka dot collars, ceramic dog bowls and of course, for his stocking, a rope bone or two…




8 comments on “Puppy’s First Christmas

  1. Kelly Anne

    We used to spoil our pups rotten at Christmas, but have come to realize that the things they love best are getting to frolic all day in discarded paper and having everyone sitting on the floor with them. So, generally we stock up on 25 cent stuffed animals from the thrift shop and everyone’s happy. I do still cling to the dog stocking, however, and no one can convince me to change my ways. Hope Alfie has a fantastic day!

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Kelly Anne,
    You’re brilliant! I’ll end up buying him the bed because it’s too cute and he’s outgrown his current one, but play time and shredding gift wrap will probably be his favorite part of the morning!
    XXX Kate

  3. Julia (Color Me Green)

    i (well my boyfriend really) spend enough darn money on the dogs that i refuse to buy them anything exra special for christmas. they’ll get their own stockings with some chew toys at my parents house on xmas morn though.

  4. SBLP

    Love all the ideas!!! Jack is sitting on my lap now making his endearing/annoying pug sounds while I’m trying to get work done, and his stocking is definitely going up this week.

  5. Chloe

    Awww, darling gifts! I also spoil my pups rotten over Christmas, including going as far as to give them gifts from one another (which was much more amusing when Streak The Cat was still alive) and spending more on them than I do anyone else. Love!

  6. Sarah

    what kind of puppy do you have!?!!?
    i TOTALLY understand… i think i’ve spent more on our puppy’s xmas gifts than my whole family combined!
    OBSESSED with those rope bones!
    have you seen the MASCOT sailor’s knot collars? i’m a cape cod girl, so they make me weak in the knees…
    happy december!

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