14 comments on “ADORABLE.

  1. seyma

    oh yeah, she is really cute!! and she might change my idea about having babies :)

    thanks for stopping by darling!! you cheered me up :)

    love and x

  2. Rachel Dangerfield

    I think my favorite part of this photo is how excited her little fingers are. Just darling. I want to take that little lady out to the zoo and watch her reactions to the giraffes and polar bears!

  3. jane

    She really is adorable! I also totally love her outfit – that dress is beautiful, and the bow in her blond locks is perfect.

  4. Brandi

    She makes me want to play. Maybe jump up and down on my bed (last night’s episode of Glee didn’t help with that feeling). It’s like she just came home to find a puppy or pony waiting for her.

  5. paula

    Ha, I have this photo saved in my inspiration folder and my husband found it the other day and thought it was weird that I had another little girls photo saved. I am happy others love it as much as I do. sheer joy:)

  6. Rachel

    Awww….. what a cutie pie!!
    I need to show this to my husband (who wants boys). I think this totally backs up my argument of why girls are the best!

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