Bejeweled + Bedazzled

Picture 13On my jewelry box wishlist this year?  This Grosgrain Gold Ring from Doyle & Doyle’s Heirloom Collection is too sweet for words.

Picture 14Paloma’s Zellige Pendant by Tiffany & Co. was inspired by the graphic motif of Moroccan tiles.  I’m dying to visit Fez and Marrakech—until then, this would suffice.

Picture 16

Carved angel skin heart necklace by the girls at Finn Jewelry.  They did my engagement ring and are the coolest gals on the planet.  Plus I have a weakness for gorgeous, pale angel skin coral…

Picture 17Last but certainly not least, a custom designed charm bracelet from C.H.A.R.M. I would love to build my own bracelet mixing and matching their vintage and contemporary charms. A lifelong investment…


9 comments on “Bejeweled + Bedazzled

  1. Jane

    All lovely selections! I especially love the gold grosgrain from Doyle & Doyle — their gold grosgain earrings are on my wishlist. And the c.h.a.r.m. is fabulous! XXOX

  2. Brandi

    I love all the pretty sparkly things. I think the idea of a charm bracelet is just adorable. It’d be really cute to put the things you love on it, then pass it on someday.

  3. Nichole

    ummm great minds think alike– I picked up a necklace from the Zellige collection for my mom for christmas!

  4. Haydee

    Kate! I love the grosgrain ring! I collect grosgrain ribbon therefore this ring belongs to me. Hopefully my husband will think the same thing ;)

  5. Stevi

    I can totally see myself wearing that Tiffany’s necklace. Well I can see myself wearing ANYTHING from Tiffany’s. And by damn, someday I will! :)

    I love all the things you find!

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