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I received an email from PAPER Magazine’s Drew Elliott this weekend pointing me to an extreme home makeover he did for their Editorial Director, Mickey Boardman (aka the one and only “Mr. Mickey”).  Needless to say, Elliott did an S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R job and thankfully, it was all caught on video!  You really must watch it—these boys are positively hysterical!  Elliott truly transformed the place from an absolute disaster (with all due respect Mr. Mickey…) to pure seventies-chic divinity.  The before and after shots made my jaw drop.  Extra kudos goes to Mr. Elliott for doing it in a budget-friendly manner—note the West Elm leopard pillows (I’m placing my order today…), tufted Target headboard and white Ikea cabinets—LOVE!  Oh and did I mention he even created a special section in the wardrobe for Mickey’s sequined attire?  Talk about a job well done!  For a good Monday morning chuckle and lots of handsome, color saturated design inspiration be sure to watch the video HERE >>>

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Thanks so much for sharing Drew!!!

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3 comments on “FIT FOR A QUEEN

  1. Brandi

    I love this transformation. I think organized closets give me a buzz the same way alcohol does — they make me so giddy. And I love the animal prints. I don’t think I could manage them in my home but I love to see how others use them.

  2. Ashley

    Oh my nerves!! I’m worried I’m going to start saying that on a way too regular basis now. I tried making that color green work in my bedroom a few years ago. It didn’t. It looks much better here in Mr. Mickey’s place. I love it!

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