“The Art of Sparkle”


The New York Times recently featured the gorgeous Manhattan apartment of jewelry designer Elizabeth Lewis.  I love how she managed to create in just 700-square-feet a home, workspace and showroom (and a chic one at that!).  Located in a charming brownstone on East 35th between Park and Lex, the address is hard to beat and quickly explains her $3,000/month rent.  The space itself is what sold me however, just look at that 12 foot ceiling, brass chandelier and a brick-lined fireplace!  While Lewis can’t yet afford a separate office for her company, my guess is it won’t be long…  One glimpse at her website and I was sold—particularly with the simple star necklace above.  Adding to the wish list!

Read the full NYT article HERE >>> and shop Elizabeth Lewis HERE >>>




(photography by Chester Higgins Jr.)

9 comments on ““The Art of Sparkle”

  1. Jaime

    What a great use of space, really! I took a chance to peek at her boutique and love the green onxy, so fresh;) Thank you for the comment on my page, isn’t that chaise fabulous?! You mentioned wanting to possibly use that for a client and I wanted to let you know that we offer a very strong trade program so just let me know if you are interested. Hope you are having a lovely week!

    All the best,

  2. Julia (Color Me Green)

    no wonder she can’t afford a studio with that rent. 700 sq feet for one person in nyc sounds pretty ample for both studio and home and humongous parties for now, and she certainly has a beautiful space. although i have to go devils advocate and admit my ongoing confusion at how jewelers whose jewelry looks very boring in my opinion make so much money off their pieces.

  3. Corinna

    How incredible! The cost of living is so much cheaper in the central valley that we have more space than we need; I’m going to bookmark this because we hope to move to Europe in two years and we will need to learn how to adapt! I’m glad you like my little blog, but I’m sorry it makes you homesick, you should find a reason to come back out West…maybe to visit your friend in San Francisco!

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Corinna! Thanks for stopping by. Where do you hope to move in Europe? How exciting! I spent two years living in Switzerland and some summers in Italy and France—you’ll never regret it!!!
    XXX Kate

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