Hamish Bowles = MY HERO




The lastest issue of Fantastic Man magazine contains these Juergen Teller photographs of Hamish Bowles (Vogue’s European Editor at Large) in his spectacular Upper East Side apartment.  I am dying to get my hands on a copy.  Such style!

Who are your style muses (past or present) my darling readers?  I love new names and faces…of course, familiar ones are more than welcome too!  After Mr. Bowles above, some of my other favorite creative souls are Diana Vreeland, Miles Redd, Maira Kalman, Kate and Andy Spade…  Now your turn!

(images found here)

10 comments on “Hamish Bowles = MY HERO

  1. Haydee

    Oh this is fun … I immediately thought of Kelly Wearstler. I love that she’s soooo stylish, successful and is a mom. I like what Jenna Lyons is doing over at J.Crew. And here’s a left turn for you … Isabella Blow. She took risk and that was fun fashion to follow. I suppose Lady GaGa is now channeling her. Loved what Liz Tilberis did over at Bazaar. And we can’t deny what Patricia Field did for Sex and the City. Just watched it again last night and I love the fashion everytime!

    BTW…my jaw dropped when you mentioned that you watched the first season of Mad Men last weekend. Eric and I did the same thing!!! Now we’re hooked too. So great! :)

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Haydee!!!! You’re my soul mate! Love, love, love Kelly Wearstler and Jenna Lyons. And Isabella Blow was a genius. You make me want to run and watch Sex and the City now, how I miss it. Hopefully Field will style the next movie, they’re making another one…right?
    XXX Kate

  3. Natalie

    Hi Kate! New to your blog, but love every bit I’ve seen.

    I write from D.C., so first I’ve got to mention a favorite Congressional style icon, Olympia Snowe:


    Love this part –
    “Since the ’70s, Snowe has brought a timeless sense of style to politics, sporting a uniform of suits, chunky jewelry, and slicked-back hair.”

    And then there’s Sally Singer:


    Love her kicky photo arrangements, and the at the bottom of the page where she writes that the “Four Characteristics of Authenticity” are “Pre-critical enthusiasm; A sure hand; A touch of myopia; A good heart.” Ah! Just love it.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping such an awesome blog. Keep up the great work!

    Happy December,

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Natalie! Thank you for stopping by and putting in your two cents—I so appreciate it! Snowe’s hot pink jacket has to be my favorite—what’s not to love? And as for Sally Singer, purely awesome. Anyone with a home worthy of being shot by The Selby is a god in my book. My fiance and I are sneaking off to D.C. for a few days over Christmas. I’ve only been once years ago and am looking forward to playing tourist and swinging by some of the Smithsonian museums. I may have to pick your brain, clearly you are in the know!
    XXXXXX Kate

  5. Natalie

    Please do pick my brain! One of my best friends from college was in from Chicago last weekend – it was her first time in D.C. and I had a ball going on vacation in my own city with her. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with a few of my favorite spots. :)

  6. haley

    there are amazing photos of his ny apt in an out of print decorating book called “the new york apartment.” try ebay, it’s my all time favorite interiors book

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