Weekend plans?


Hello my dear readers, I certainly hope this Friday morning is treating you well!  This weekend I am looking forward to snuggling up with my man and our pup (well, he just snoozes…) to begin season two of Mad Men.  We just finished the first season and needless to say, I am hopelessly addicted.  It makes me think of my grandparents, Rita and Buddy, and what their lives must have been like back then.  They too lived in the suburbs and my grandfather, who worked in television, commuted into Manhattan every day like the dashing Donald Draper.  I think I’ll phone my darling, chic grandmother and ask her to tell me stories from back then—if their lives were half as thrilling as the series, she’ll certainly have a few!

Alright, enough about me—what about you?  Any big plans?  Far off destinations?  Baking?  Decorating?  Present shopping?  Do tell!

XXXX Kate “the NEO-trad”

19 comments on “Weekend plans?

  1. Haydee

    Oh that Don Draper!

    Well, we were going to begin season two however we got season three from Netflix by accident. Which is just as well because we do have a lot of shopping to finish. And then hopefully Eric and I (after putting the kids to bed) can watch our recorded list of last night’s NBC shows … especially 30 Rock! Have a great weekend Kate!

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Ohh Haydee your life is to be envied! I wish John and I had little ones to put to bed! And dress in cute little clothes and bake cookies with and…sigh. Someday… Hope you and Eric have a lovely weekend—we’ll wait to discuss Season 2 : )
    XX Kate

  3. mary

    Took a ‘Mental Health’ day, which everyone should do from time to time… spent the day listening to Celtic Christmas music and decorating and writing Christmas cards- It’s important to be quiet and alone sometimes…

  4. Kirby

    Birthday celebrations for a friend, surviving in the cold and wind, and ice skating in bryant park with a dear friend.

    although, snuggling in bed the entire weekend does sound like a great idea.

  5. celia

    that’s hilarious. after season three ended, joe and i bought seasons one and two to get reacquainted. we’re half way through the second season and i was actually thinking last night that i don’t think we’ll ever get sick of watching mad men reruns.

  6. Alexandra

    Finals week ends today, so my friends and I are going to get together for a celebration tonight. Other than that, I have very few plans (for once!), and I am happy about that.

  7. cathi

    I will be getting our Christmas tree and putting it up and doing a little shopping and movie watching. I had watched a few episodes of Mad Men and love it – but I need to start from the very beginning, so will get the DVD’s..Have a wonderful weekend! xxoo

  8. Rachel

    I’m going to be trying out some cookie recipes! I’m planning on giving them as Christms gifts to some of my clients next week. Hopefully everything will go well and I won’t be making a mess in the kitchen.

  9. Her name was Lola

    Goodness! You’re in for some amazing television {currently wishing I could invent a time machine + travel back to enjoy all those episodes for the first time again!}. Pure genius. Enjoy yourselves!


  10. Amanda

    Taking my brother out for his birthday tonight, brunch and mimosas with friends tomorrow, and cuddling by the Christmas tree with my sweet husband, pups, and Apple TV the rest of the weekend! Can’t wait! Have a warm and happy weekend Kate! xo

  11. olivia rae

    sounds perfect!!

    i actually DID see that in lonny and i did decide to go with the nikon! i also heard that they recently stopped making it, so you can find it cheaper now- some are going for $350!

  12. Jaclyn

    finals next week :( Looks like the library is my new home. I had a nastoglic catalina moment this week while studying. I definitely miss the tea Mrs. Hunt would bring around during finals.

  13. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Kirby — Have so much fun ice skating. It’s one of my favorite wintertime activities, though I’m a total klutz!
    Celia — Mad Men, I don’t think we’ll ever tire of it either…sigh.
    Alexandra — Congrats on finals being over and have fun celebrating! Those were the days : )
    Cathi — You must post photos of your tree once it’s up! I could use a little inspiration!
    Rachel — You’re a whiz in the kitchen. I can only make break’n’bake cookies…no, really. New Years Resolution: learn how to cook.
    Lola — Let’s go back in time and steal Betty Draper’s wardrobe!!!
    Amanda — I LOVE mimosas! Have one for me. Nothing like brunch with old friends… Oh and have fun with your brother. Mine are both 3,000 miles away so I’m more than envious!
    Kathleen — I think I enjoy hanging out with my man best too. I can’t wait till I can officially call mine “hubby,” we still haven’t set a date…ahhh the stress of wedding plans!
    Olivia Rae — Now I keep hearing rave reviews about the Canon Rebel XS, so torn, ekk…. Decisions, decisions…
    Samantha — Thank you for the award! You’re too sweet!!!!!!!
    Jaclyn — Ahhhh Catalina memories. I love when you post comments, they make me so nostalgic. I think I studies more at Catalina than anywhere else…haha. Good luck on finals!!!

    Thank you everyone for sharing with us! I so love reading your comments and learning little tibits about your lives. I’m touched you all stopped by and hope your weekend festivities are as wonderful as they sound!
    XXXXXXX Kate

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