English Country Cottage

Picture 30

I came across this shot on photographer Melanie Acevedo’s website and immediately added it to my “dream home” archive.  Now that it’s wintertime I’m longing for an English country house more than ever.  This room with its scattered bookshelves, bar tray and slouchy slipcover is every bit my fantasy.  For the time being however, I’d be more than satisfied with a pair of Staffordshire dogs…swoon.

5 comments on “English Country Cottage

  1. Brandi

    I can see why this made it to your archive. So pretty. I’d happily take an English country house. Or even one in Ireland. (I do love those accents.)

  2. Samantha

    I always long for an English country house during Christmas, too. Especially when I put in The Holiday and dream about living in the cute cottage in England!

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