My dog dines at Ladurée…

At Laduree

What if I told you that for a small fee you could have a custom portrait painted of your dog (or kitty!) in front of a famous Parisian locale such as Ladurée?  My friend Nichole had her mother’s pup (photographed below—what a cutie!) sketched and painted by artist Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast.  First you send Carol a few photographs of your pet, then she sends you a set of sketches and you pick your favorite pose.  A custom watercolor is then painted of your four-legged-friend in a scene of your choice.  Didn’t Nichole’s present come out beautifully?  I just know her mother will LOVE it.  I’m adding a portrait of Alfie to my wish list!  Visit Carol’s Paris Breakfast blog here >>>

Picture 33

Picture 32

8 comments on “My dog dines at Ladurée…

  1. Nichole

    OH I LOVE IT!! Windermere is so cute, he’ll be thrilled to know he’s on your blog! I’m definitely going to show my mom this after she’s opened her present!

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