It’s a wrap…


I just came across this wedding of Ryan and Laura on the spectacular Once Wedand am head over heels for the bride’s attire.  It’s unconventional, yet still appears so classic.  Her pairing of the cream wrap sweater with her dress is beyond gorgeous if you ask me.  It just looks so cozy and romantic!   It almost reminds me of something you’d see in a Jane Austen film, but with a modern twist.  Of course the rain only adds to the ambiance—how handsome are those black umbrellas?






(photographs by Braedon Photography)

9 comments on “It’s a wrap…

  1. Jaime @ DOXA

    My goodness Kate, those photos are so incredibly charming. Proving once again that authenticity reigns over pedigree and pretense. Btw, I just posted regarding your upcoming DC trip !

    Happy holidays,

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    So glad you ladies love these photos as much as I do—I seriously get goosebumps looking at them! She’s just so lovely and her outfit is so strikingly beautiful, yet refreshingly modest. So happy to share it with you! XX Kate

  3. Brandi

    Oh, these photos are just lovely. I really like how they took advantage of the rain and turned it into a beautiful scene stealer rather than sulked about it. Everything about this wedding is just so lovely. I’d like to do something like this myself someday.

  4. Meagan

    Katie, I love your blog – you are so helpful for me, what with the quotes and the flowers and the awesomeness that is your daily blogging! This wedding in particular has provided me with TONS of ideas and things to steal.. My wedding is at a vineyard and it’s all natural/rustic for the decor. I have that wrap sweater from Anthro and am recreating the bouquet with cabbage roses and other seasonal flowers/berries/foliage in the Sonoma area. Isn’t this wedding just gorgeous? Oh man, my bridesmaids are even wearing cowboy boots – but with green dresses instead. Sshh, don’t tell her I’m copying so many things, haha!

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