Ode to Domino

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Lately I have been mourning Domino more than ever.  I thought I was over it, but I suppose I still haven’t come to grips with our loss.  Do you ever feel the same way?  I was thinking yesterday about how excited I got whenever a new issue arrived in the mail—how all the girls at work would be gushing over so-and-so on the cover and the paint color on the wall on page 123.  It felt like us—our generation building and creating our dream homes (often apartments!) one stylish accessory at a time.  I miss the simplicity of it, the do-it-yourself approach, the bold colors and the celebration of past and present interior tastemakers.  What about you?  Do you have an all time favorite Domino issue?  A favorite cover girl?  Mine may be Jenna Lyons.  That shot (top left corner above) was stunning in all its coral and persimmon glory…  Alright, I’ll stop bemoaning what has been and move on with my life.  Thank god for Lonny.

10 comments on “Ode to Domino

  1. Haydee

    I miss Domino so much as well! I can’t even pick a favorite they were all so much fun to get in the mail and every cover was so enticing. I’m going to add Cookie and Blueprint to my “why?” file also.

  2. Brandi

    I miss Domino lots too. Mostly because I had just discovered it a few months before it disappeared. Absolutely heart-breaking. I love Lonny too, but there was something really special about Domino.

  3. Jane

    Domino is dearly missed. My personal favorite is the Zooey Deschanel cover — her outfit, haircut and that blue paint is all perfection! xx

  4. erika

    i think my fave might have been from Feb 2007 with Laura Vinroot Poole on the cover. She owns an amazing boutique in Charlotte which I frequent a lot so it was fun to see her ever stylish home too. But I am also a fan of the Jenna Lyons cover as well!

    ps- SOOO glad you like Mad Men! Isn’t Don Draper sooo dreamy!? It kinda makes me mad that I fall for him though since he’s not so faithful…:(. Regardless, great show!!!!!

  5. hello gorgeous

    Yes! I am still in mourning over the loss of Domino and am none too happy about the decision to kill the website. I still cannot understand why they couldn’t just leave it up or charge for it or something. I want answers! ;-)

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