Girls + Their Cameras

Picture 4

In celebration of my beautiful new Canon I’ve decided to compile a little post of cool girls with cameras.  Each one of these images makes my heart skip a beat.  Enjoy.  XX Kate

P.S. Be sure to scroll down far enough to see today’s quote—it’s one of my favorites and the ruffled skirt—love at first sight!

Picture 16


Picture 7


Picture 8

Picture 5

Picture 15

Picture 9

Picture 13


Picture 6

Picture 14

(images — ohsweetnuthin, sacred lotus, bee hives, buradori, mariss day by day, vanessa, riot jane, sacred lotus, zucker, sophie diana, georginadingwall, yvette inufio, kimberly brimhall, )

15 comments on “Girls + Their Cameras

  1. Amanda

    Are you just loving your new camera? I’ve been wanting a “new” old camera, like one above – would be a fun toy to open on Christmas! (By the way, I HAVE to have that ruffled skirt!!) xo

  2. lauren

    i was just at an estate sale this last weekend that had a bunch of old cameras
    from all different decades, i wanted two of them so badly, but i am not whiz
    with the camera so they’d likely end up stashed away, sad!

  3. Leeann

    What a great post. I have put in an order with Pere Noel for a new camera so here’s hoping that one arrives tomorrow :-)

    Wishing you and your family a tres joyeux noel.


  4. mary

    Thank you, Kate: digital cameras may be more evolved in terms of technology, but not in an artistic sense. Send me photos of the weekend, and let’s talk! Frohliche Weihnachten! Love, Mother

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