Dear Golden Vintage


Hello ladies and gents!  I’m writing you from the hotel in D.C. this morning—sadly, it’s our last day.  I’ll report back on our lovely trip in a later post, but in the meantime wanted to share with you an Etsy shop I’ve recently become enamored with.  Dear Golden Vintage is the greatest selection of timeless, chic vintage I’ve seen to date!  The shop owner, Lauren, has a spectacular eye and often shares her daily outfits on her charming blog.  Many of her items scream Jackie O. and all of them pair perfectly with our modern wardrobes.  The prices are more than reasonable (look below to the 1950’s genuine mink stole—only $72!) and the selection is truly lust worthy.  Not to mention that their “vintage meets modern” slogan is what the Neo-Trad’s all about!





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