Emersonmade Snow Brunch




How darling is this “snow brunch” photo shoot by Emersonmade?  They are so darn clever it kills me!  I just adore the kelly green and wood chairs—don’t they look straight out of a Parisian sidewalk cafe?  Not to mention that she very well may be the most darling girl on the planet.  The gigantic red poppy on her fantastic leopard coat is simply too chic for words.  Love, love, LOVE.  Shop the Emersonmade collection HERE >>>

7 comments on “Emersonmade Snow Brunch

  1. mary

    This is a great idea! I could ditch my teaching job and have a ‘Snow Cafe’! We’re going to get another 2-3 feet of snow starting this afternoon! (Maybe it wouldn’t be quite so glamorous if you had to dig your way out to the tables with shovels…)

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