In his Christmas best…


I couldn’t resist sharing with you Alfie’s Christmas glamour shot.  We just returned from D.C. and I’m so happy to be home again with my little pug.  What about you my darling readers, do you have a pet?  A kitten or pup or parakeet…?

5 comments on “In his Christmas best…

  1. Alexandra

    So precious!
    My mom always gets her dog (a bichon frise) sweaters to wear in the winter, and for laughs I bought him a dog Snuggie for Christmas, but I was too small :(

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Alexandra—a dog snuggie?!?! That is hysterical. My roommate in New York had a snuggie (as a joke…), but sadly we always ended up using it when we’d cozy up on the couch for Gossip Girl and such. I’m sure we looked AWESOME.

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