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Girl Crush: Clémentine




I found these photos of a French girl named Clémentine on Flickr yesterday and absolutely adore them. I know nothing about her except that she has a lovely name and judging by these photos, I think think it suits her quite well.  Don’t you just love her slouchy cap, tights and scarf?  Adding Clémentine to my future baby names list…swoon.

(images by le petit nicolas)

Mrs. Kennedy Goes Abroad


This morning I’d like to share with you some charming photographs of Jackie Kennedy and her sister, Lee Radziwill, touring India and Pakistan in 1962. Jackie’s wardrobe was a focal point as she sought to choose colors and fabrics that would compliment her host countries.  It is estimated she wore 22 outfits on the trip—one day in New Delhi she changed five times! There were, of course, underlying political motives to the visit (America was wary of Soviet interest in India as the cold war waged), but the ladies would have us believe their trip was pure pleasure.  Everywhere they went the crowds chanted “Hail Jackie!” and referred to her as the “Queen of America.”  It was written she created “a visual metaphor for the youthful new face of America: one that was cultured, sophisticated, and stylish.”  Stylish indeed!  Now who wants to go to India with me?

Above, Jackie at the Taj Majal.  She visited twice, once during the day and later by moonlight.


Jackie and her sister sit atop a female elephant (newly painted for the occasion).


Jackie feeds a baby elephant.


Jackie visits a textile showroom in Banaras donning a sleeveless pink sheath.


Jackie visiting a children’s hospital.


The first lady chatting with Indira Ghandi, the prime minister’s daughter.  In 1966 Indira became prime minister herself.


Jackie and Lee with their cameras.


Jackie strolling with Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in his garden. The Nehru jacket is named for him.


Jackie cheering at a sporting event.


Jackie among crowds in Udaipur.


Jackie walks with the Maharaj of Mewar in a silk frock, gloves and her trademark pearls.


Jackie pets a boisterous camel in Pakistan.


Jackie and Lee atop the camel.


“It’s been a dream” Jackie said of her trip.  If you like these images you’ll love the book Mrs. Kennedy Goes Abroad containing watercolors of Jackie’s travels throughout India, Pakistan, Paris, London and Rome.  It’s now out of print, but used copies are fairly easy to find.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!

(all images courtesy of Life Magazine)

The big reveal…


I am absolutely, positively in LOVE with the cover of the March 2010 Elle Decor.  I mean really, isn’t it a dream?!  The blue isn’t far off from the hue I selected for my very first apartment and the collage of artwork is absolute perfection.  I just adore the ticking stripe on the settee across from the tufted chair back and of course, the lavender ikat-esque throw pillow…  Okay, so I want it all.  My old boss and mentor, Shaun Jackson (an Elle Decor cover veteran), once told me the best way to truly assess a magazine layout was to take your finger and cover up the flowers.  If the room still looks striking minus the burst of fresh blooms then you’ve got yourself a winner.  Clearly, this room (designed by Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle) stands alone, therefore passing the test.  It hits newsstands on February 9th—until then, try your best not to drool.