Quirky Collection



I just love quirky collections and Abby’s mother’s vintage shaving brush assortment certainly fits the bill.  It’s just so unconventional and fun to look at!  The arrangement above would look wonderfully interesting framed in a shadowbox.  It reminds me of the fabulously bizarre things you find hanging in Partners & Spade.  What about you darling readers—do you collect anything?

(images by Abby Try Again)

4 comments on “Quirky Collection

  1. boops

    i started collecting retro cocktail dresses about 20 years ago. I still have them- they’re very cute. have no idea how to display them, or if i should! but your post reminded me of an interview i saw with debi mazar a while ago. she said she collected vintage razors for women (not the disposable kind i hope!)

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Retro cocktail dresses?! Now that sounds AMAZING. I would kill to see your closet! As for the female razors, that DEFINITELY would fit the quirky bill. Thanks so much for stopping by! XX Kate

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