Gold Dipped


A search for “feather” on Etsy brought me to the gorgeous jewelry of Laura Lombardi.  I just love it’s organic-gone-glamour vibe.  Not only does she has a striking feather necklace carved from bone and trimmed in gold, but also gold dipped shark’s teeth and quartz.  The gold is true 24 kt and the chains hang at varying lengths.  How lovely would it be to wear several at once as pictured below?  Is it too early to begin a 2010 Christmas wish list?  Visit Laura’s treasure filled Etsy shop HERE >>>





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  1. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Stevi— I think it’s cool you love sharks! Much more interesting then bunnies or horses or the other typical animals of preference : ) It’s official—this necklace was made for you!
    XX Kate

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