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I am currently loving the simple prints of Olive Manna: Textiles and Paper Goods.  Created by designer Natalie Jost, all the products are made by Natalie and her family (love a team effort!).  Their products range from the darling notebooks above to gift tags, stationary, bookmarks, dishware and even chic black pencils engraved with feisty sayings (see below).  I’m quite certain if I had those fantastic yellow bookmarks I’d be more likely to keep my New Year’s Resolution to read more…  To shop Olive Manna’s darling patterns visit their shop HERE >>







4 comments on “Olive Manna

  1. Brandi

    I can definitely see why you’re loving Olive Manna so. Those tags are so charming. And I really like the collection of little note books.

  2. Victoria

    Found your lovely and heartfelt site through ‘The Way I Am’, and I just wanted to say I love it! You have a great eye and the language to translate your enthusiasm!
    A can only agree and consider myself a soul mate, just a bit more advanced in years….
    PS: MY grandmother is my role model for life as well, she has passed a while ago at 102! She was quite the lady!


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