Weekend Plans + Exciting Announcement!

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Hello there!  Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic weekend.  Do you have any big plans?  Do tell!  I’ll will be home cleaning.  I never fully unpacked from our move (tisk, tisk) and am eager to start hanging pictures and such.


I also wanted to let you know that starting next week I’ll be launching a weekly Monday interview series!  The series is called “Plucky Pioneers” and will feature a different creative female entrepreneur each week.  I’m working on it with my dear friend Jane Lilly Warren and it should be great fun.  There will be graphic designers, interior designers, textile designers, photographers, illustrators and more!  It will be your chance to get to know and be inspired by young women in the art and design worlds who have founded their own companies.  This Monday the spotlight will be on someone I know you’ll just adore (if you don’t already…).  I can’t wait to begin!  Until Monday…

XX Kate “the Neo-Trad”

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  1. Haydee

    Oh Kate that is so exciting! I cannot wait for the first interview! I know they’ll be great and full of inspiration. Have a great weekend, and may you be filled with endless energy to get your place up to par:)

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