Vogue Par Sofia


Looking back at these pages from the January 2005 French Vogue featuring Sofia Coppola evokes such memories!  My French “sister” Maud laughed when I picked up a copy from the newsstand in Paris.  You see, we both knew I couldn’t actually read the half of it.  I was after the pictures anywho—can you blame me?  Maud laughed again when I “read” the magazine the entire train ride to Provence for the holiday.  I couldn’t get over the fantastically candid photos and bright, collage-like layouts.  I still can’t!  What I would give to see my beloved American Vogue loosen up and strew polaroids and wonky-cut silhouettes across their pages!  After the holidays I bid Maud au revoir, but French Sofia joined me en route to Italy, then Greece, Switzerland and a year later, stateside.  I simply couldn’t part with it.  In fact, I plan to frame the layout below with the pink post-it.  No, not because I can read it—simply because it’s beautiful.





(images from Dec/Jan ’05 French Vogue)

16 comments on “Vogue Par Sofia

  1. my favorite and my best

    she is fabulous. her movies are among my most favorite of all time. plus she makes smoking look very cool.
    i don’t blame you for framing that..i think it’s a great idea. so often we hang shit up b.c we need something in a blank space, and we merely look for something that would work there..seldom do we ever find something we absolutely love. so what if it comes from a magazine cut out.

  2. tiina

    you should frame it! sofia is so fab. i’d love to decorate an old table with pictures from vogues… i’ve been sampling those for ages now, so maybe my little project could become real now

  3. Habitually Chic

    What a great spread! I would have kept it too! Sophia has such great personal style that’s so simple yet never boring! I can’t wait to take a closer look at all the photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ivy Lane

    what a great keepsake from your trip!! I love the black and white outfit..her makeup looks flawless…. wish I could do my eyeliner to that level of perfection!

  5. Lindsay

    I love sofia coppola- I even wrote a 15 page paper on her films this term!! What a brilliant issue! So sad I missed it…back in 2005 :)

  6. Brandi

    I always go for the photos in a fashion mag too. I mean, that’s the point, right? And I love the mystery of having something like that which you can’t read — you get to make your own story up about what’s happening in the photos.

  7. gwen driscoll

    Love Sofia Coppola. Somewhere in my “Week of Green” I have images of her. I can’t recall at the present but I remember loving them. Sounds like a great trip. I’m longing for Europe. I must get there this year!

    Hope you are well.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  8. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    So glad to see my readers adore Miss Coppola as much as I do! You all have such impeccable taste! Oh and thanks for approving my plan to frame a magazine page—chic doesn’t have to cost a fortune right?! Love you all dearly! XX Kate

  9. kbd

    thanks for posting this, I hadn’t seen it before… have you seen that image of her in her Paris apartment, on her blue sofa? I see so many, many images every day and I still remember that so clearly from the first time I saw it years ago. She epitomizes style, but also simple, approachable beauty.

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