My Kind of Placemat…


I’ve always secretly wished I were a southern belle—the type of perfectly primped girl that sits down to a formal meal each night with her hubby, the table set in fine china…  Sadly, I don’t even come close.  That’s why these new canvas printed placemats from Anthropologie made me smile.  They’re called the “short cut placemat” because when you don’t feel like setting the table “with this plate and flatware printed canvas mat, half the job is already completed.”  Did I mention they’re machine washable?  I’m sold.

11 comments on “My Kind of Placemat…

  1. celia

    i’ve never liked china because it is usually patterned and i have issues eating food off of patterned plates. weird, i know. but, patterned plates on placemats? i’m on board!

  2. Agatha

    You’re right – they’re amazing placemats!

    Thank you for sharing them with us,

    Agatha x

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