Pretty Pooches


How charming are these pretty pooches snapped by photographer Christine Edwards?  All the dogs are wearing vintage ties and have names like Deano the pug (above) and Scooter the Mini Pinscher (below).  I love that they are staged like a classic modern portrait—this is very serious business!  Clearly I need to invest in a handsome vintage bow tie for my pug Alfie, but in the meantime I’ll be snatching up one of Edwards prints from her oh-so-darling Etsy shop HERE!






25 comments on “Pretty Pooches

  1. clarice

    ummmm. oh god. im dying. ill take the irish wolfhound, with tie. please. thank you!!!!

    too bad im allergic.

    anyway, please take that quote (the one about food and sex) and spread the love. hahahaha.

  2. gwen driscoll

    I can not wait to show these to my daughter when she gets home from school. She will be laughing so hard. We love dogs, cats, horses and really any animal on the planet. We are constantly showing each other funny and sweet images of animals. Thank you for a great post. Oh, I’m so glad you have liked the “Week in White” and yes, perfect for you and wedding inspiration. Best wishes, BTW, I don’t think I wished you that before. Have a great day.

  3. Brandi

    A super excellent creative way to showcase some cute ties and cuter dogs. That last picture is just hysterical. And somehow, all of these remind me of people in some strange way.

  4. James XVI

    A great collection of little dog people… we call them people at Garvinweasel. “Oh look at all these people” Ms XVI might say walking through the door to find a room full of wagging tails. Other times it’s “make way, puppy parade”. Thanks for sharing these great portraits!

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