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How stunning is this pair of topaz and pearl earrings?  My darling friend Minh from San Francisco is a incredibly talented gal and just launched an Etsy jewelry shop called Fork in the Road.   It is brimming with gorgeous wire wrapped jewels and this pair, Emma’s Earrings, may just be my favorite!  Minh and I worked at the same interior design firm on Maiden Lane and she was always doing something fabulous and artistic in her free time.  Her shop’s current pieces range from $10 – $30 (talk about a steal!) and are all strikingly delicate and beautiful.  I think the pair above would look fantastic with everything from a party frock to a comfy cashmere cardigan, don’t you?  Be sure to visit Fork in the Road here >>>

10 comments on “Wish List Addition!

  1. KateMcG

    Oh my gosh- these are so beautiful (and so are the prices)- I had no idea Minh designed jewelry!! I love the combination of the pearls and the topaz… definitely passing the shop along to others…

  2. Jane

    I LOVE the gold discs at the top! and i completely agree, they would look great with casual or formal attire. They’re lovely and priced to sell:)

  3. Brandi

    Pause. When you say “Maiden Lane”, do you mean Maiden Lane in NYC? I lived on that street once. These earrings are lovely. I’m off to check out the rest of her lovely shop.

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Brandi! Actually this was before I moved to NYC—there’s a lovely little pedestrian street called Maiden Lane off of Union Square in downtown San Francisco. That is where our office was. It was horribly tempting…doors away from Hermes and Diptyque and a stone’s throw from Neiman Marcus cookies!!! So glad you like Minh’s jewelry! XXX Kate

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