Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.3

MARAIS_cheatsheet.inddYet another brilliant cheat sheet designed by my Plucky partner, Jane Lilly Warren!  Thank you my dear!  A special thank you also goes out to Catherine and Haley of MARAIS USA for putting up with my endless list of questions.  I can’t wait to see the next collection—their beautiful shoes never disappoint!  Until later…

XX Kate “The Neo-Trad”

15 comments on “Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.3

  1. Brandi

    I really love this cheat sheet follow up to each Plucky Pioneer post. I’ve been trying to catch up on blog posts since I didn’t have my usual Sunday afternoon to get my self organized, and I’m always so happy that yours is in a small group of the first blogs I always look at. Starts my day right. Catherine and Haley of Marais USA were an awesome choice for this week. Love their stuff.

  2. sylvie of silver lining

    geminola looks like a boutique i would fall in love with….and isabel marant, peonies, breakfast at tiffany’s? absolutely adore.

    thank you for another inspiring plucky pioneers cheat sheet. and the wonderful notes you add to my blog :)

    sylvie of silver lining

  3. Lauren (pen.ny)

    Ohh a cheat sheet! So awesome! Home alone was the best- I made sure to watch it and the second one this past Christmas. Definitely digging how you did this! A new cheat sheet fan!!

  4. Ann

    Nice! I wrote some of these recommendations down so I can try them (History of the Senses, Five Leaves, Elephant and Castle).

  5. jane

    Glad you girls enjoy the cheat sheet as much as I do making it!! your comments are such a pleasure to read – thank you!

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