I want to be her…


I just tacked this fantastically colorful Hermes advertisement onto my inspiration board.  I love everything about it—the vibrant hues, the busy patterns, her fantastic of-the-moment braid!  I’m desperate to find some great vintage scarves like these and turn them into throw pillows like the fabulous Eddie Ross did HERE.  Someday soon, but in the meantime I’ll just gaze at this and drift away…

UPDATE: One of my brilliant readers, The Zhush, just pointed out that there’s a little pea at the bottom!  She’s the princess and the pea!  SO darling.  As if I could possibly love it any more…

21 comments on “I want to be her…

  1. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Oh Paula—decisions, decisions! They look fantastic framed too (one of the Domino issues had a home with a framed Hermes scarf on the wall…I was obsessed). Take pictures of whatever you choose! XX Kate

  2. The Zhush

    Ha ha! I just put this up on my desk here too! Already have framed two scarves…
    see the little pea on the bottom? I think she is the “princess and the pea” LOVE!

  3. Natalie

    AH! Serious Wednesday afternoon day brightener! What a great ad – I’d like to have it tacked up on my board, too! And love the Eddie Ross tips. Solid post all around ;)

  4. La Maison Fou

    I really like this look, my sister is a pro at finding great scarfs and napkins for this type of project. I will have to keep my eyes open for this project.

  5. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Prippy — I want a pile of their scarves too! I found one in my mom’s closet a few years back. It had been given to her as a gift and she’d forgotten about it. Can you even imagine? My mom, being totally oblivious to design and my polar opposite, hadn’t the slightest idea what Hermes was. Needless to say it is now mine and I, like you, treasure it! XX Kate

  6. Lindsay

    I’ve had this in my inspiration file on my computer, I think you’ve got the right idea having it somewhere you can see everyday! She’s impossibly chic!

  7. doxahome

    You and me both! I want to be her as well…what a great eye the Zhush!!!! It had completely escaped me…not sure that is a good thing as I make my living off “having a good eye”!! Thanks for sharing Kate;)


  8. a lovely being

    ahh the hermes ad campaigns are genius! winter and spring. I can’t get over it. seriously, is there anything more luxe than braiding an hermes scarf into your hair?
    I haven’t seen it yet, but I bet the spring Kate Spade ad campaign is going to be perfection, too. Or colorful, at the very least.

  9. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Style Maniac — It is current. I think I tore it from a magazine in the last month or two, though I have so many subscriptions I haven’t the slightest idea which… Perhaps Town & Country? XX Kate

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