They did it again…

Picture 25

The new J.Crew catalog is out (much of which was shot on location in Lisbon, Portugal — swoon!) and I can’t stop drooling.  I just love when they go on location and mix their beautiful clothes with the architecture and colors of a foreign city!  Below, some of my favorite shots…  How have I never been to Lisbon???

Picture 12

Picture 22

Picture 11

Picture 18

Picture 23

19 comments on “They did it again…

  1. Natalie

    You are on a roll this morning! The third picture down, the orange watch with the gold chain link bracelet with the soft breezy green cardi and the gritty brown belt… MY GOD.

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Natalie (aka my soulmate)—I couldn’t help but post this right away though I feared people would miss the Jackie post (thankfully everyone knows how to scroll down…)! Isn’t it divine?! Let’s plan a trip to Portugal!!! XXXXX Kate

  3. The Zhush

    Oh my gosh…where to start! So excited, received a lovely JCrew gift card for my Bday from my generous girl friends, and now cannot wait to use it!

    Those pics from Life were so incredible, have never seen them before, and really enjoyed them!

    And your apartment from your 20s!? Are you kidding me?! Holy Moly what does your current place look like…that was one stylish studio!

  4. Natalie

    Sign me up!! And I’m seriously taken with these photos. So springtime. I can just FEEL the crispy air and cool sunshine. To say nothing of the fact that I want to own everything in every shot and then pack it all up in a suitcase bound for Lisbon… ahhhh!!! Swoon is right.

  5. Ann

    Gorgeous. All of the J. Crew catalogs are so aspirational – you instantly think, I want to go there and wear that right now … They woo well.

  6. Amanda

    Both posts are wonderful this morning! Plus, I think Jackie would approve of the J.Crew style on the same page! I could totally see her in some of these pieces! xo

  7. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Amanda— I do hope Jackie would approve! I actually have that book somewhere “What would Jackie do?” it’s really quite cute actually.

    Ann — I’m with you! I want to go there this very second!

    The Zhush — A J.Crew gift card? I’m dying of envy. You’re spoiled! Love it. Oh and my current apartment is in the works (and we’re moving in four months so I can’t go overboard…), thanks for your sweet feedback on my old place in San Francisco!

    Natalie — Lisbon, here we come (and you should know I’m only half kidding…).

  8. kbd

    I was just wondering yesterday how to wear oxfords… and there they are in that first shot, with a straight skirt. ca-yoot!

  9. Starfish and Sundresses

    You and I are totally on the same page, I saw these pictures today and thought I have to do a post about these! Considering both sets of my grandparents are originally from Portugal and I’ve never been, I think I need to make a point of traveling there in the near future!

  10. Lynn Byrne

    Hi Holly,
    I keep trying not to buy JCrew, because I don’t want to look like a walking talking catalog but it is sooooooo hard. Can’t seem to do it. Lynn

  11. Francisca


    First of all, I must confess that I’m in love with your blog. It’s my daily addiction! Second, I was reviewing your older posts and couldn’t resist writing a comment on this one. I’m Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. It’s an amazing city! If you have the opportunity, you should come visit it.

    Hum..well since my English is a little bit rusty, I stop here.

    Best wishes,


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