Girl Crush: Clémentine




I found these photos of a French girl named Clémentine on Flickr yesterday and absolutely adore them. I know nothing about her except that she has a lovely name and judging by these photos, I think think it suits her quite well.  Don’t you just love her slouchy cap, tights and scarf?  Adding Clémentine to my future baby names list…swoon.

(images by le petit nicolas)

10 comments on “Girl Crush: Clémentine

  1. Brandi

    Definitely add this name to the list, somewhere toward the top. It’s so lovely. And this girl has the fresh look and delicate features to fit it so well.

  2. a lovely being

    I absolutely love french names! In high school, madame would allow us to choose un prénom francais at the beginning of the academic year that was to be ours until class ended in may. French names are so beautiful, I would go nuts trying to pick out the best one. Let’s see.. I was Fifi, Sabrine.. had I come across the name Clémentine, I would have snatched that up in a second! What a sweet name for a little baby girl :)

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Lovely Being — I wish my French teacher had done that, not fair!!!!

    My fav — Agreed. Guess we’ll just have to move to Paris—darn.

    Amanda — It’s a plan, no…really!

    Lizzy — I MISS YOU!!!! Your grandmother is my hero. You HAVE to name a little girl after her.

    Erika — Me. Too.

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