Elva Fields

Picture 48Picture 49When I stumbled upon the jewelry of Elva Fields this weekend via the fantastic blog Simple Song I just about died and went to heaven!  Designer Emily Wheat Maynard’s statement pieces are colorful combinations of new and vintage which she combines to create bona fide works of art.   She’s divided her creations into three collections—Elva, June, and Deb—named after her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother.  How gosh darn cute is that?  Did I mention everything is made at the artist’s home studio in Kentucky?  I want to move to there and be her apprentice.  No, really.

21 comments on “Elva Fields

  1. Rachel

    Gorgeous! I love the blue beaded necklace.

    Oh, and if I do order those magnetic chandelier crystals, I’ll definitely share “after” photos!

  2. Brandi

    I love these necklaces. There’s something so wonderfully glamorous and old-fashioned about them…very Jackie O. They all need cute dresses and smart shoes.

    Your finds make me swoon, Kate.

  3. Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll

    This jewelry is so up my alley! Thank you for introducing it to me. Where in Kentucky does the artist live. Would love to know being from there. Hope you have a great week. I’m sending you questions this week. Sorry I haven’t done it sooner. Busy, busy, busy but so good.

  4. brittany barney

    ok so i just found your blog and adore it! and i can not get over these pieces! amazing!!! i serioulsy want them all!!! love love love them! thanks for introducing me!

  5. Lynn Byrne


    Thought you would want to know. I read my blogs via Google Reader and for some reason your pics never show up there (I get the evil blue ? mark). I can go to your site and see them, but I don’t have that problem with my other blogs.

  6. Emily Maynard

    You’re hired! We’re working on increasing our production, so we need all the help in the studio we can get! Thanks so much for the feature and LOVED learning about your fantastic blog. (And thanks to all of you for visiting Elva Fields online, too!)

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