Break Out Your Crayons…





I hope I’m not too old for a coloring book because I can’t wait to doodle in the one above by Matta.  The illustrations by artist Claudia Pearson are beautiful and elegant in their simplicity.  I love a clean line drawing and would happily frame that Taj Mahal on my wall.  The books themselves are printed locally in New York and hand bound with colorful yarn.  Next up are plans for Mexican and Moroccan coloring books…  What’s not to love?

15 comments on “Break Out Your Crayons…

  1. Ivy Lane

    Love this! I have a few past clients from India..think I will treat their lovely children to this fantastic coloring book! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stevi

    Your never too old for coloring books! Those are beautiful illustrations! I have a friend from East India that would love that!

  3. Nichole

    Phenomenal. Phenomenal. Am I too old to love coloring books?

    Must phone date soon.

    x’s and o’s.

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