The Perfectly Messy French Braid

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I am loving this J.Crew model’s perfectly messy updo.  I so wish I could french braid, but I’m a total klutz.  Perhaps I just need more practice.  Any french braiding tips?  I’ve been growing out my bob these past few months and seriously need to master this look before spring rolls around.

P.S. Cute outfit, right?

25 comments on “The Perfectly Messy French Braid

  1. Staley Mc

    I love this. I wish I could french braid too. I’ve tried but I just can’t do it. When I’m home I get my mom to do it for me! I want this whole look hair and outfit!

  2. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    I can do it to myself but not other people – go figure. OK – my first ever french braid tutorial – hope this works!

    Take the section of your hair that would be bangs, brush it straight back, and separate it into three extra sections (keep it straight back the whole time – you get used to this). Hold each of the sections separately between the fingers of your right hand. With the left hand, take a small section of hair, and add it to the section closest to the new section. Take the new section, and with your left hand, switch the middle piece with the left.

    Now slip your left hand between the sections where the right hand was, and then use the right hand to add a piece of hair to the end section, (just like you did on the left) and switch the right section with the middle. Keep switching back and forth until all the hair is off of your hairline and in the braid. Then just do a regular braid with the rest of the length of your hair.

    Did that make sense? I’ve been doing it to myself for years. I wish I could draw a picture on here to show you but I hope that helps!

  3. Ivy Lane

    I too am growing out my hair..was so excited to finally be able to put it in a pony tail again! Haven’t been able to do that for 10 years or more!!

    As for the outfit…it is cute, but I think the waistband is too bunchy or think for the model’s small frame… my eye does not go to her face or hair…it goes directly to her waist….. love the color of it… and the top is cute…

  4. Stacie

    It helps if your hair is a bit damp and you have a good comb. Of course if your going for the messy look you might not want it damp. . . Perhaps braid while damp and then muss it up a bit when it dries.

  5. Brandi

    I have no idea how to do that with my hair and I so admire people who know how to.
    Oh my golly. My roommate is a hairdresser, so I DO know someone to bother and get this awesome information from…

  6. Lindsay

    I love the french braid (especially during yoga- when you lie down your head isn’t all lumpy on the mat from your ponytail or big hair clip). However, I cannot for the life of me figure out these “forehead” french braids/ all-around-the-hairline french braids I am seeing lately.

  7. brittany barney

    adorable outfit. and beautiful hair. love it all. and i loved your story about your presidential romance. how hilarious. im sure all your high school friends could not have been more jealous. all of the stories have been so hilariously humorous that im going to use a random generator to choose. and for the whole fairness thing. love your blog more and more! thanks for the daily delights!

  8. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Britt — You are hilarious. I’m so excited for the tea. Don’t mind you sharing at all. It was a surreal experience and long in the past now. I was sixteen visiting a Mexican classmate from my boarding school. Her family flew me down to Mexico City for Christmas and then we flew to Ixtappa for New Year’s. I’ve never danced so much in my life. We’d stumble back the resort at eight a.m. every morning and sleep until 2p.m., then hit the beach. Those were the days! Though I must say I much prefer my fiance over some rico suave surrounded by body guards. Pure ridiculousness. XOXO

  9. Chloe

    I love the french braid, but lump me into the pile of not knowing how to do it. French braids were all the rage when I was in elementary school back in the 80’s, and I used to get *so upset* with my mom because she couldn’t french braid- and all of the other girls in my grade had moms that knew how! I often blame my mom and her lack of hair skills on why I am so fussy over my hair today, LOL.

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