And the winner is…


I wrote down everyone’s name that commented on last Friday’s Katie Armour Home post, closed my eyes and drew a winner from a milk glass bowl.  The brass pineapple above goes to…Staley Mc!  Congratulations Staley and thank you everyone for your sweet, encouraging and oh-so-very-helpful feedback!  The shop is off to a great start and I’m scrambling to upload more inventory.  Keep checking back as I’ll be adding things daily starting…now! XO

8 comments on “And the winner is…

  1. Elizabeth

    What I’ve seen of your stock so far is precious beyond words. My mother had a pair of gold pineapple bookends a lot like this one…you just reminded me of her :)

  2. erika

    I think I might have forgotten to tell you (i’ve been in the middle of a move for the past few days), BUT, i’m so proud of you (even though we don’t REALLY know each other, haha) for starting this!!! it’s amazing!!! keep up the good work! i’ll likely be getting something from you as soon as I get my new apt set up! best of luck! here’s to a great new beginning! xx

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