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  1. style maniac

    Thanks for the tip, Kate (or do you prefer Katie?). I’ve never heard of Lonnymag and was delighted to check it out. Reminds me a lot of Domino–was it perhaps started by any of their former editors?

    p.s. lots of internet problems in the snowstorm we are having today … hope I didn’t post this comment multiple times!

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    I knew some of you had to be fellow Lonny lovers! And Kate Spade—who doesn’t love Kate Spade? I too collect her advertisements—wallpapering a bathroom with them sounds quite nice! XOX

  3. Piper

    Just read through Lonny today!! I swear, I wait on pins and needles for the next issue to come out :) So glad this is around after the demise of Domino :( And this ad is so great…what can’t Kate do??

  4. Karen

    Ooh, Kate Spade ads as wallpaper?!!! PERFECT! I just read through Lonny today too and was probably more excited about this ad than the content!

    (The content of the mag is good too, KS is just that great!)

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