Rubie Green Goes to Paris




How sweet are these shots from the new Rubie Green photo shoot in Paris?  Michelle Adams hired the brilliant Patrick Cline of Lonny fame for the shoot.  I love Rubie Green’s pink East Village pattern and I love France—it’s a win win situation my dears.

(images from M.A.Belle)

10 comments on “Rubie Green Goes to Paris

  1. Kirby

    isn’t this little shoot amazing! I can’t wait to see more. I need to find out if we can do a little wedding registering at rubie green!

  2. Brandi

    These are cute. Really cute. Like “I’ve gotta find those jean shorts I know I have somewhere and pair them with my black leggings” cute.

  3. michelle adams

    Wow- thank you SO MUCH for posting these!! :D I’m so thrilled to hear that you like this shoot. Pat and I had a blast in Paris shooting this ad campaign while also shooting for the October Lonny! Katie- thank you for your continuous support- I feel incredibly lucky to have it.

    Thanks again all, and I will soon be posting moorrreee on my blog, so stay tuned ;)

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