Statement Stairs

Picture 8

I’ve come across so many beautiful painted stairs recently—I just had to share!  I love the bright, fresh palette of the blue and white below, but the Hermes orange may just be my favorite.  Though the last set with the unpainted center is pretty fantastic as well…hmmm.  I think they add such pizazz to an interior.  Would you go for paint or do you prefer a good old-fashioned runner?



Painted Stairs - 1







(images via apartment therapy, absolutely beautiful things, tea for joy and nest egg )

16 comments on “Statement Stairs

  1. rikshaw design

    ohh i heart these painted floors really do it for me! I made a friend paint her nursery floors ! i have the pink steps as a fav too..
    congrats on all your success…welcome to e-commerce madness!

  2. Kelly Anne

    I LOVE the numbered stairs–what a fantastic idea! The red ones are pretty great, too. Although I’m always concerned I’ll slip and fall and break myself on uncarpeted stairs.

  3. celia

    last night i was half asleep in bed flipping through my domino book when i came across the photo with the red stairs with black trim. ‘what a great idea!’, i thought, ‘we should definitely paint our stairs’.
    (we don’t even have stairs) :/

  4. thezhush

    Love this! Have many of these shots already, as I am thinking about painting a back stair case in my home…some I’ve never seen..may have to snag! Thanks!

  5. mary

    I love the whimsical numbered stairs! My absolute favorite is the last pic, with the unpainted center runner. People can be so clever! Are you buried in snow? We Mainers feel a little left out this Winter!

  6. lush bella

    love the first one especially. looks very similar to (or could it be the same?) one i saw in one of atlanta bartlett’s books. ours are presently black and need some sprucing up. thanks for this inspiring post!

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