My chubby pug pup, Alfred, spends hours perched up on this chair back looking out the window.  We’re on the fifth floor and I think he likes to watch the snow fall and see all people driving by.  It cracks me up—once he even fell asleep hanging over the back like this!  Last week I snuck up on him and snapped this picture.  Watch out ladies, Alfred’s on the lookout…

18 comments on “Watchdog

  1. Brandi

    Alfred is such a cutie!! I’ve known cats to perch on the tops of chairs, but I’ve never seen a dog so determined to do the same. You need to snap another photo of him asleep like this.

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    So glad you ladies approve of my baby boy! I should try to snap a photo of him asleep Brandi! Though I worry I’ll startle him and he’ll topple forward—uh oh… And yes Brookie, we just got back from our morning walk. The snow still frightens him a bit, awww. XO

  3. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    He is adorable! Our little Sugar Magnolia likes to curl up either in a patch of sun on the floor or in front of the heat. Snow is out of the question for the little princess! Have a great weekend.

  4. Kirby

    So cute! I’ve been wanting a dog for a while, but i’ve been trying to wait until I have more time and this picture doesn’t help my waiting!

  5. Lauren (pen.ny)

    This is such a great photo! You should send it in to Desire to Inspire’s Pets on Furniture series they do every monday. its the best and your little guy would surely take the cake!!

  6. KateMcG

    He is so cute it hurts. Jack’s favorite thing is to perch like that! I love the green chair too btw…

  7. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    Alfred must have learned that trick from our Maggie – our club chair has a permanent indent where she hangs over the back looking out the window. I don’t know how much snow you got down there but if it’s anything like ours, he must be up to his armpits!

    Wishing you a great, love-filled weekend!
    – The Buzz –

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