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Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!  I’ve been insanely busy with the launch of my shop (thank you for all your support), but am happy to be throwing myself back into blogging this week!  We’re taking a break from the Plucky Pioneer series today, but not to fret—we already have someone fantastic lined up for next Monday.  In the meantime, Fallon over at A Lovely Being will be posting an interview later this afternoon with yours truly for her new “Behind the Curtain” series.  Thank you Fallon for asking me to be your first guest—what an honor!

Above, me trying not to laugh holding our big, goofy sack of potatoes.

P.S. I found some amazing pieces this weekend and will be adding to the shop every day this week!  Stay tuned! XO

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  1. Amanda

    Look how insanely cute!!! I love this photo and can’t wait to read your interview! (By the way, that brass rhino behind you is fantastic – are you selling that?? Dibs if you are!) xoxo

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Thank you Amanda! Unfortunately, the brass rhino will not be going on sale. I bought it before I launched the shop and enforced my “no keeping anything for myself” policy…so thankfully for my bookshelf it stays. I’ll just have to try and find another one for you : ) XOXO

  3. Lindsay

    You look so lovely! And Alfred too- although I think my favorite is that photo of him on the chair a few posts ago :)
    I just saw the post about the painted staircases and that is going in my Dream Home folder right away! Totally Brilliant- I would choose those over a runner any day!!! Thanks a million for that post- I have somehow missed that whole idea and now I can’t imagine my future home without it!!

  4. Lindsay

    p.s. I see you have Sense and Sensibility on your shelf- I’m dying to get that edition but I’ll have to wait until I get home. By some magic they do sell it here, but the price is crazy!!!

  5. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    My Fav + Best—-Awww shucks!
    Stevi — You should get a puggie! They’re the best.
    Lindsay — Aren’t the painted stairs amazing? I’m obsessed. You must do it in your future home. And yes on picking up a copy of Sense + Sensibility when you get home! I think I may have to watch the movie version tonight…hmmmm…

  6. Reggie

    Hello NT:
    Marvelous photo, so lovely you are. I am going to be posting a three part series on my pug, Pompey, shortly. Called the Pompey Chronicles. Do stop in from time to time as I think you may enjoy it.
    Best, Reggie

  7. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Heather! John took a bunch of shots of Alfie and me this weekend so I would have something recent for Fallon to post with her interview. It was our own little photo shoot at home—so ridiculous and funny. Thanks for stopping by! XO

  8. mary

    Kate- You are lovely inside, what’s outside is just a reflection of that! (The photo is great! ) I am so happy for your success! I feel inspired to do something creative and ambitious! (Reminder that your future sister-in law turns ‘sweet sixteen’ this Thursday! She will be spending her birthday playing in the band at Tournament- I am chaperoning!- Hours on a schoolbus with potholes, teenagers and Lady GaGa, just IMAGINE…Be sure to ask John all about it, he went several years…a total trumpet geek!) The daily quotes are my favorite part of your blog…LOVELOVE, Mum

  9. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Mary you just made my day! Visions of a geeky, young John on the bus with his trumpet. I’m dying laughing. I just read your comment aloud to him and he couldn’t help but laugh as well. Hope you’re staying warm up there! XOXO

  10. The Zhush

    Oh my! You are as adorable and pretty as I would imagine someone with this lovely blog and etsy shop to be! And your sweet pup…tdf! Love having a face to put with all this loveliness! Will be reading her interview for sure.

  11. kirby

    Oh my gosh! it’s so great to put a face to the name! I’ve been trying very hard to hold off on purchasing decor for my place until we move in may, but I might have to give in and purchase some things from your shop early!

    ps. Thank you so much for voting for Tyler and I. it means so much to us!

  12. Haydee

    I finally got to read your interview and it was so great Kate! Love your experiences and that we get to share in them via your blog and interviews like Fallon’s. It was great to get a little peak of your other half, John, as well. Is that a tattoo I see on his arm? Your evening spent in Paris with Suzanne sounds amazing! What a night!

  13. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Haydee—-You make me laugh! I was wondering if anyone would notice the tattoos—he’s covered in them! John is what one might call a reformed bad boy, but we’ll save those stories for another day… I’m such a big baby I could never get a tattoo—I suppose what they say is true, opposites attract! Thanks for reading it all! XOXO

  14. jeanne

    I LOVE your daily quotes … i have collected them for years in a journal – yours is the only one i subscribe that posts quotes … you pick them well ;~)

  15. brittany barney

    ok so seriously you are gorgeous! i am so happy to finally see a picture of you! and your darling little pup. and i still need to know your fav kind of tea my dear. i am so sorry i am such a slacker and still have not sent them. worlds worst prize sender. right here.

  16. brittany barney

    back home in ca??? napa valley? where are you from? that is where i am from! davis to be exact! what about you?! what a lovely surprise! thank YOU for YOUR loveliness!
    you are just the best.

  17. rikshaw design

    WHAT?!!?!well aren’t you just as cute as i knew you were! seriously i love this shot! you need to blow this picture up and frame it! you are adorable!can’t wait to check out the interview!

  18. Brandi

    Can I come over and just look at your bookshelf for a few hours? And maybe play with Alfie a bit too? I promise I’ll bring some yummy treats.

    Awesome photograph.

  19. Jenny

    LOVED the interview – fantastic! I have family in Morgantown (my nephew graduated from WVU – that makes me sound so old, he’s my hubby’s older sister’s kid) We used to live in Cumberland, MD a few years ago for my hubby’s job. It’s really beautiful there.

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