Sea Urchin = Match Stick Holder


While styling things for the shop today I came up with this brilliant (if I do say so myself…) idea to use my spiny sputnik sea urchin as a match stick holder.  I have those awesome long matches (I’m scared of fire…) and it totally worked!  I think it would work with regular, small matches too.  Okay, so have I lost my mind or does it look neat?  I bought this little guy in a shop (he’s real!), but you can order sea urchins online here.




(images by moi)

21 comments on “Sea Urchin = Match Stick Holder

  1. Amanda

    This is such an awesome idea! And I’m really loving that brass pineapple! How are you bearing to part with some of this great stuff?? Love it all! XO

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Thank you Teresa and Amanda! I’m glad you approve. How am I going to part with all of it? Not easily! I debate for hours, sometimes days, whether to list some of the pieces I find, but if I want a successful shop I can’t be keeping all the best things for myself. It’s hard letting go, but I like to think they all go to happy homes : ) XOXOXO

  3. Starfish and Sundresses

    You are so creative and resourceful! I love the sea urchin match holder. I was bummed that I could only find broken sea urchin bits when I was down in Siesta Key, FL a few weeks ago. I was hoping for an intact one because I think they’re so beautiful!

  4. Karen

    The sea urchin as a matchstick holder is a fab idea!

    Those earrings are gorgeous too. It’s nice for that style to be back in style again, so you can find similar ones at all price points. Hooray for vintage modern styles!

  5. Kelly Anne

    Adorable! I was setting up for a reception this evening and we couldn’t find something in which to display the toothpicks. That little guy would have been perfect!

  6. The Prippy Handbook

    Thrilled that you’re bringing back the matchstick holder! So classic. Plus, a good candle can make or break a room in my opinion. Any favorite candles? I’m partial to Diptyque Feu De Bois and Rose burning at the same time for special occasions…

    My ceramic zebra arrived today and I am So delighted with my purchase… the first of many I’m sure!

  7. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Tara — Yay!!! So glad you love the zebra. I think you should name him—he’s that darn cute. I love Diptyque’s Baies (boring I know, but it’s my fav), but their Feu de Bois is incredible as well and rose…who doesn’t love rose? I do say, you have fantastic taste my friend. XO

    Holly — I know. The pear. It was one of those debate-all-morning-long whether I can part with it pieces. I made a rule though, no keeping things for myself. So there it goes… Thanks for stopping by!! XX

  8. Adriana

    what a neat individual idea. I love your little elephant, also are the flowers earings? if so, we have matching pairs! Except mine are white :)

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