Plucky Pioneer Interview No.6


Picture 44Happy Monday everyone!  Today I’m thrilled to introduce to you Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey interiors.  Though based out of Los Angeles, the inspiring designer is in fact a native of Hailfax, Nova Scotia (a beautiful corner of the earth I’ve long hoped to visit!).  Upon graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Tamara worked as a clothing buyer for Bergdorf Goodman before eventually relocating to Los Angeles where her love affair with interiors took root.  The second I laid eyes on Tamara’s glamourous website I knew she was a fellow Neo-Traditionalist.  Her eclectic style artfully combines new and old, color and glamour—right up my alley!  Enough of me though, I’ll let Tamara speak for herself… Oh and prepare yourself because not only are her interiors stunning, her children are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.


Five words used to describe yourself.

Straightforward / driven / silly / creative / unconventional [Above, the ultra glamorous House of Honey logo.]

What inspires you creatively?

I am inspired by design and architecture from both the past and present.

The idea of customizing, re-working and reinventing, propels my designs. I try to create environments and pieces that are fresh and modern, yet retain a timeless quality. And of course my children inspire me everyday.

Picture 35Who are/were your design mentors?

My best friend’s mum in high school was the founder and president of BB Bargoon’s (Canada’s leading home furnishing’s and fabric mega store at the time). Bonnie Bickel was small but mighty and ran her enterprise with such confidence and stride. She really was inspirational both creatively and from a business standpoint. Now, as a mother of two, I am inspired by women who can balance their own business and raise children. And last but not least, my husband for having the courage, talent and drive to start his own commercial production company.

What is your personal design aesthetic?

playful, modern, unexpected and always unique.

Picture 50What propelled you to start your own company?

I have always known I wanted to do something creative. I started in fashion and moved to interiors, which I love but am very excited to be taking it to the next level and am in the process of opening a retail shop and design studio. I will offer a curated selection of home furnishings and decorative accessories. Customers can browse ‘ House Of Honey’, read a design book, buy a candle- hopefully be inspired and decide to hire me to redesign their home, or at least to purchase a custom chair! The House of Honey concept is based on the idea of accessible design and a lifestyle that is full of personality, humor and of course, style. House Of Honey will give clients the access to great new and vintage fabrics and wallpapers and allow them to be part of the design process in a non-intimidating fun manner that is personal to them.

Most glamorous part of owning your own company?

Being my own boss. I never worked well for other people; I think I always thought I was in charge.

Picture 37Least glamorous part of owning your own company?

Being my own boss.

Best business advice you’ve been given?

My friend and business startup expert Nada Jones recently published the book ’16 Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women”. It is a must read for anyone trying to start or grow a business.

Picture 33

Creative businesswoman you admire?

Dorothy Draper for having the courage to enter what was a male dominated Industry (she had no formal training) and for her innovative bold unique designs that transformed American decorating. Sister Parish for encouraging spaces to be designed for enjoyment and to mix patterns up, not matchie-matchie. Diane von Fürstenberg for having the strength and courage to reinvent her business when things got really tough and went on to launch the Infamous wrap dress.

What keeps your organized and on task?

My husband for his technical know how (I am a real luddite), my best friend Traci for all she does and finally my paper daytimer which I would be lost without.

Picture 49Moment you knew you’d “made it”?

Question may be premature!

Describe your typical workday.

No day is typical which I love. What is consistent is lots of coffee in the am/ driving kids to and from school/ some sort of design based shopping, client interaction and creative thinking/designing.

Picture 50Your dream project?

A boutique hotel in Pasadena

What goals do you have for your business in the future?

My goal is to expand my signature style- The New Vintage. By mixing old and new with whimsical and usual pieces/patterns/shapes and colors the result is a fresh, playful and modern approach to design. [Below, Tamara’s ridiculously adorable children—oh my goodness!]

Picture 42

Advice to other budding creative entrepreneurs?

Be true to yourself and just go for it. You will regret it if you don’t.

Picture 50Be sure to stop in tomorrow to see Tamara’s Plucky Pioneer cheat sheet — her top picks for fashion, film, and more!  Thank you Tamara!

(all images courtesy of House of Honey)

23 comments on “Plucky Pioneer Interview No.6

  1. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    So glad you ladies are loving Tamara’s interiors—isn’t her use of color fearless?? I just about died when I came across those red doors. I just know Jane’s cheat sheet tomorrow will be AMAZING. XOXO

  2. Piper

    Thanks for this interview! I love what she said about most glamorous part of the job…being her own boss! I completely resonate with that…I think I’ve always thought I was in charge :) So I can’t wait until the day I can be my own boss!

  3. Lauren (pen.ny)

    really amazing woman. always so inspiring to read your pluck pioneers!
    i love that being her own boss counts for both the most and least glamourous part of her business…a great read!

  4. style maniac

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to check out the (hopefully online) store. Love Tamara’s style mix. (I want those furry office chairs featured on her website.) And add me to the list that had an empathetic laugh at her best/worst answers –oh how very true!!

  5. Blue Hydrangea

    Just got back from checking out the House of Honey website…would it be wrong to burn my furniture and start over? Just asking. Also, I feel like I have seen a few of these fab pictures before, any chance they may have been in Cookie?

  6. Haydee

    So great. I did not know Tamara before, but now I am so glad I do. I love that she’s silly, has 2 kids and her own business. Very inspiring! Off to explore House of Honey:)

  7. cathi

    She sounds amazing and her kids are too cute! I am loving this weekly series of yours – the women are truly an inspiration! thanks! xxoo

  8. Modern Traditionalist

    Those red doors!!!! Swoon!

    Great subject! Thank you for introducing her to all of us. I was just talking about “being my own boss” this morning on another drive in to work for “the man”. How appropriate to read this now!

    By the way, I left a little sunshine for you on my blog. Take a look!


  9. Haley

    Your children are AMAZING! And I’m in love with the Kitchen photo with the high marble counter with those stool/chairs… and the duck. Really looking forward to seeing your store in the near future :)

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