I want a cockatiel…


I keep coming back to the fantastic Bulgari summer 2010 ad campaign staring Julianne Moore and two bright cockatiels.  Was anyone else mesmerized?  The shoot took place at Tony Duquette’s Dawndridge house in Beverly Hills and was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.  Sure, those 115 carat emerald teardrops are stunning, but what I really want is that pair of cockatiels!  I can see them now, perched in a big, exotic brass cage in my living room.  Now that would be a sight to see…

17 comments on “I want a cockatiel…

  1. kbd

    don’t do it! They’re noisy … ok, they are pretty and they would be fascinating to have around, but you’d never have a moment’s peace!

  2. Brandi

    What a gorgeous shot! I’d love to know what that shoot was like. I think they’re trying to sell me the bag, but I’m frankly fascinated by those birds and Julianne’s awesome green earrings.

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    KDB — hahaha, good to know! Thank goodness I have my friend’s looking out for me. XO

    Brandi — I’m with you. I don’t care for the bag at all really. But the birds…and the emeralds!!!

  4. Jenny

    Those earrings – I have been swooning since I first saw them. I’ve loved Julianne Moore since she was on As The World Turns – oh yeah….

  5. Decor Arts Now

    Hi Kate,
    How did you find out the campaign was shot at Dawnridg. I just bought the 2 Tony Douqette books and I am currently fascinated. I dug out my Harper’s Bazaar after I saw your post to review the ads again. I must say I stopped with the emeralds—now I will have to check out the backgrounds.
    Best, Lynn

  6. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Lynn, I read about it taking place at Dawndridge online in a magazine—InStyle perhaps? I’m a huge Tony Duquette fan as well. My grandmother has two gigantic angel wings carved by him that she bought at an estate sale years ago. One is hung high on the wall in her dining room, the other was hung on the exterior of her house. They make for quite the statement! XO

  7. Haydee

    I love Julianne Moore and think she’s absolutely beautiful. However, I’m afraid she’s been tainted a bit from that Boston accent she does on 30 Rock. It makes me cringe. It’s all sorts of wrong. But great campaign!

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