If only…


Right now I am wishing with all my heart I had a spare $500 and could snatch up one of the 14 remaining editions of this print on 20×200.  I’m obsessed, I swear it made my heart skip three whole beats…  It’s by French photographer Christian Chaze and it would look oh so very stunning on my wall.  Weepy sigh…

P.S. Thanks to lovely Anna at the Quilted Giraffe for introducing me to this amazing site!

18 comments on “If only…

  1. Nichole

    What an awesome site– I’ve never seen it before!

    You could always spring fro the $50 size– as a treat to yourself and to the successful start of your new business! So tempting…

  2. anna/quilted giraffe

    Thanks for your kind mention of my little blog :-)

    I love that picture…makes me wish I were on the beach, not in snowy NYC! You’ll have to show us what it looks like once it’s up on your office wall.

  3. Lauren

    This is my answer to the question “Where do you wish you were at this very moment?” To be precise I’d love to be sunbathing on that rock.

  4. Starfish and Sundresses

    So funny you posted about this, I recently bought two of the smaller prints! I’m Portuguese and once I read that they were shot on a remote beach in Portugal I just knew it was fate, how could I resist? xx

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