The Rolodex Gone Chic






You all left amazing suggetions yesterday for my new home office—I can’t thank you enough!  I had to share one in particular, however, that I think will make your heart flutter.  The darling Sarah of Going Star Fishing recommended this vintage inspired rolodex by Lovely Design. It’s available in walnut or mahogany and is entirely hand-crafted!  I mean really—how cute are the recycled papers that go inside?  I’m absolutely smitten.  Thank you Sarah!

17 comments on “The Rolodex Gone Chic

  1. erika

    i LOVE rolodexes!!!!! i have the round kind with the black base and i always think about how cool it will be 40 years from now to have on my desk and have all of my old fashion industry contacts in it. such a keep sake!

  2. Bee

    Wow these are delicious! I am so obsessed with index cards and little alphabetized dividers! These ones are perfection. If only I could come up with a reason to need them?!?

  3. Eleanor

    I have had this rolodex for many years and it is one of my most favourite things! I personally had no problem paying $65 as it is entirely made by hand by the artist who only makes them in small batches. I think that people who comment things like that do not realise It is by far not a mass-produced by some large company in China which you would pick up at walmart. Every single card in my file has been cut and punched by hand from patterns the designer made herself, or from recycled cardstock such as library cards, etc. It is beautiful and perfect!

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