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Coolest Map Ever.





This large signed silk screen print is of a hand drawn (wow) map of the world.  Created by Oliver Jeffers (great name, right?) for The Royal We, the print is not only charming, but also “comes with 202 pins to chart your path to total global domination.”  Hilarious!  Let the games begin…

(via the fabulous Chasing Heartbeats)

An Education



John is out of town so tonight I will be curling up with Alfred and a glass of Elizabeth Rose rosé (a gift from a friend in Napa—I’ll let you know what I think!) to watch An Education.  I’ve heard such wonderful things and it finally came out on DVD this morning.  I think Carey Mulligan is the cutest and am eager to see all the vintage costumes and interiors.  Have you seen it?  Am I in for a treat?

UPDATE:  I already finished it!  Carey Mulligan was positively lovely.  Her character was such a kindred spirit (the Catholic school girl memories came rushing back…).  Any Neo-Trads that have yet to see it absolutely must, you’ll be charmed, I’m sure of it!  Off to download the soundtrack… XO Katie

What’s in your bag?




The charming Mackenzie of Design Darling dared me to bare the contents of my handbag and here they are!  The only problem was that my fat little pug, Alfred, kept getting his big butt in the way and causing me to giggle and shake the camera—we’re very professional around here…  Anyway, I finally decided to give into his vanity and include him.  Hello handsome, yes, we see you…

Counterclockwise starting with the bag: the Chanel 2.55 was an extremely generous gift from a client, the wallet my old roommate snatched up for me at a Tory Burch sale (thanks Katy!), original tortoise Wayfarers, a hot pink and orange planner by Coach (found it for next-to-nothing at an outlet, best design I’ve ever seen of theirs…), a long strand of freshwater pearls (a birthday gift from a friend in the Philippines—I wear them long and knot them at the bottom), snail mail from my neo-traditional girlfriends, my current book of choice (Deborah Garrison’s collection of poems A Working Girl Can’t Win—soooo brilliant!), a measuring tape for antiquing, an unreasonable amount of loose change, key ring with an old leather “Budapest” keychain and hot pink Swiss Army knife (engraved “Katya”…long story), red leather compact mirror I picked up somewhere in Milan, purple cosmetic bag to hold bobby pins, cosmetics, etc.  The end!

UPDATE: The NARS lipstick is Belle de Jour, the perfect nude.  I’m going to have to another post on make-up.  I’m addicted.

I’m not going to tag people because I hate to choose and I know everyone is busy, BUT if you do feel so inclined to share the contents of your handbag (and let’s face it, we’re all curious kitties) consider yourself tagged!

XO Katie

Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.11


I think we’ve set a record here with the longest cheat sheet yet—holy smokes, I love it!  Thank you Misss Jane for all your hard work and thank you Camilla and Rand for being our guests of honor!  If you haven’t already, be sure to scroll down and check out yesterday’s interview with these talented ladies behind Brooklyn’s Thistle and Clover.  Until later my loves… XO Katie