Missed Connections.





These darling, hilarious, oh-so-touching prints are by Brooklyn-Australian artist Sophie Blackall.  Sophie illustrates the famous “missed connections” postings on Craigslist for her blog and now sells prints on Etsy.  I think they’re endearing in all their quirkiness.  It’s like found poetry, no?

14 comments on “Missed Connections.

  1. Brandi

    These are just so much fun. I always loved reading the Missed Connections section but I love seeing these reimaginations even more.

  2. Cassie

    Love it. This section is always so entertaining to read and I am excited about the illustrations to go with. So very clever.

  3. Sarah W J

    i have always LOVED these!!

    how lucky would one of these missed connections couples be if not only did they end up together, but find their love story illustrated!?!
    love love love….

  4. The Zhush

    I have often wondered that as well! Surely the NY Times would do a story on them if they did find each other…or how about a movie screenplay?! Her illustrations are the best. The “fun dip” in the pocket one …this amuses me so much.

  5. Staley Mc

    I’ve seen these pictures before and think they are so sweet. Whenever I read the missed connections in my area they are not anything like these!

  6. Erin

    Love these. Would love to have one commissioned for my husband and I. Though luckily our connection wasn’t missed!

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