Memory lane…






The newly redone Partners & Spade website has an impressive archive of old Kate Spade advertisements.  The top two are from the campaign shot by Tierney Gearon and the last three were shot by Larry Sultan (my personal favorites)!  As much as I LOVE Kate Spade today, I do miss the sophisticated, intelligent edge the brand had when the Spades were still involved.  It always had such a cool, editorial vibe to it.  Needless to say, I’ll always be a fan.

16 comments on “Memory lane…

  1. Kelly Anne

    That dude’s on “Criminal Minds” now, right? I’m not imagining things? I think he seems more natural in a gallery wearing a purple tee than pontificating about serial killers.

  2. Emily

    Goodness, I remember seeing those Larry Sultan shots in Vanity Fair! So memorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore your blog – especially your manifesto!

  3. fric and frac

    Oh I love the old Kate Spade advertising too! Everything from the shoot they did at that white house sang to me! I agree with you – I miss the Kate Spade from the past! I will always be a fan, but since the Spades left, the handbags aren’t quite hitting the mark for me. Which is probably a good thing – because I was spending way too much money there!

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