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The Patrick Cline photo accompanying today’s quote got me thinking about just how much I adore vintage luggage.  While I’m not a big fan of carrying it (I’m a roller, carry-on type of gal), stacked vintage suitcases can be repurposed to make the sweetest side tables.  I especially love them in homes with a country garden vibe or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, as a dash of vintage in a very clean lined, modern interior.  I have two I picked up at the Chelsea Flea market in Manhattan that serve as coffee table in our apartment.  One is monogrammed “DMB.”  I like to believe it belonged to Mr. Matthews in a past life…

suitcases storage as a table

Picture 26


Picture 25






(images: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten!)

19 comments on “Vintage Luggage

  1. Lauren (pen.ny)

    It seems I’ve been seeing vintage suitcases everywhere these days and I am SO catching on to them because they are all gorgeous and great pieces to add to a room. I’ve bookmarked a few for my own inspiration:)

  2. Kate

    Those two pink suitcases just made me swoon!

    My mom has a bunch and stacks them up to make end tables in her family room — cute and functional!

  3. Kirby

    I love them too! I found one on the street once when it was raining. I wasn’t sure if I should have brought it home since I didn’t know if there was a reason it was out there. and I certainly didn’t want any creapy crawlies in my apartment. but I have been keeping my eye open for some as I would like to use them in our engagment photo session!

  4. Piper

    I love them too! They look so great stacked up together as a side table…love that look. We have this great vintage trunk that my mother-in-law gave us…it just has that cool, distressed look and we can use it for so many different things (coffee table, side table, etc, etc!)

  5. Brandi

    Hello soft spot for vintage suitcases! I had no idea you were even there.
    I want a few to travel with, but I want one that I can simply fill with old photographs and things that I love.
    Kate, I just love everything you find. The way your mind works…

  6. jordan

    LOVE the luggage photos. obsessed with no. 10!
    also, this might be weird, but photo 6 shows a really great pair of flats. however, i have issues with toe cleavage. is that weird? i love those shoes, but i’m not sure i could ever actually wear them. hmm…?

  7. Adriana

    I would have never have thought to stack old luggage for use as a night stand, soo clever and cute. Now to just own some vintage luggage…

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