13 comments on “Quote of the Day

  1. Haydee

    What a beautiful photo! You get so used to seeing her all done up and bombshell-ish in photos that you forget what she looks like in a more natural state. So pretty.

  2. Christina

    Strong woman! I loved your comment about who will be the icons that we look back on for inspiration. I definitely will always look back to Penelope Cruz. She is a great actress and I love her style. Oh and Julia Roberts just because she is so talented.

  3. Modern Traditionalist

    What an incredible photo! Marilyn does not get the credit she deserves as she was extremely intelligent. Most people only see the “dumb blonde” roles she played. I love searching for all of the photographs of her reading. There are quite a few!


  4. Adriana

    She is a timeless classic, I love her and these words. I love your quote of the day segments you always pick such great ones!

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