Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.8


Jane keeps mixing things up on these cheat sheets and I keep loving it!  Thank you Jane darling for creating this beauty and Emily of Elva Fields for being our Plucky Pioneer this week!  If you missed her interview, just scroll down! I hadn’t thought about Miss Rumphius in a long time—just made my day.  Until later… XO Katie

14 comments on “Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.8

  1. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Elizabeth — To Catch A Thief is one of my all time favorites as well. Grace Kelly is absolutely stunning.

    Abbie — I loved Miss Rumphius too! I think I must order a copy on Amazon today I’m so nostalgic! John and I give each other children’s books as gifts (for our future children). I’ll pretend it’s for him (even though it’s totally for me…)! XO

  2. The Zhush

    If there’s cheat sheets, it must be Tuesday! Off to find out more about this book, Mrs. R., the story of handing it down thru generations has me convinced its worth checking out for my own brood!

  3. Piper

    I just love your pioneer cheat sheets…so cool!!

    I haven’t see to catch a thief in years…gotta rent it again!! And I love that she’s a j.crew and vintage type girl – sounds like a great combo :)

  4. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    Love Emily’s creations and had one of her pretty necklaces on The Buzz last year. So glad you wrote the profile so that I could learn more about her. Who wouldn’t love a vintage and J. Crew wearing Met Museum enthusiast!

  5. Elizabeth Rose

    Miss Rumphius was my favorite as a child and I loved the three life lessons, travel the world, find a home by the sea, and then make the world beautiful. Something every girl can love!

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