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Sometimes when I’m feeling nostalgic for Manhattan I find myself wandering over to the websites of my old haunts. The Calypso Home boutique in Soho was one of my all favorites and their online shop helps to satisfy my longing.  Above, some of my favorite items.  Leopard linen napkins and a Katie-Armour-purple frame, need I say more?

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  1. Habitually Chic

    Calypso Home used to be my favorite store to find furniture and accessories for clients but since Christiane Celle sold the company, it just hasn’t been the same. They moved the Soho store across the street and closed the bigger store on Madison. Maybe I’ll have to stick to shopping online now!

  2. Roxy Te Owens

    Lovely post. I’m nostalgic for Manhattan almost everyday..I know how you feel. I make my city roomies who still live there tell me detailed stories (down to the cross streets haha) about their lives- not all the time, but sometimes one must live vicariously ;)

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Elizabeth — I love that you love leopard napkins too. My kind of girl.

    Heather — Oh no!!! I’m devastated. This is tragic. So much for all my nostalgia!!!

    Roxy — I feel you! I miss it so much. We may be moving back though…I’ll know in the next month or two…the anxiety is killing me! XO

  4. Dionne_C

    I’ve never heard of this store before! These all look so lovely! Thanks for the introduction – I am off to go visit my new friend :)

  5. Brandi

    When I lived in NYC and worked down in SoHo, I’d pass the Calypso store every day and just stop and stare for a bit. There were always so many beautiful things in there. I would just daydream about owning their dresses. I’m so glad they’re online now — thank you so very much for sharing and bringing back that wonderful memory.

  6. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    We love Calypso, too – ever since Christiane Celle opened her shop in Easthampton. But we have to agree with Heather, ever since she sold the company, it hasn’t been the same… But they do fill a niche nicely!

  7. thezhush

    Oh no…Had heard thru the grapevine that Calypso wasn’t the same, and now its been confirmed here twice…will try to make it over to the one here in Florida, if I can persuade the family to let me wander around Worth. Need to check this out for myself…will be very sad if true!

  8. moderneve

    i agree, i love calypso — clothing and home. we have the fashion store here in dallas, but i got a taste of the home store in soho last memorial day weekend my first visit to nyc. i am so jealous of new yorkers…

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