Atlanta’s Best Pieces

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This week I really want to move to Atlanta.  Last week it was D.C. and the week before that it was back to Manhattan, but today I’ve returned to my southern belle fantasies.  One place I’ve always longed to visit in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood is the charming shop Pieces.  Their fun mix of antique, vintage and contemporary  furniture and home accessories won me over long ago though I’ve yet to visit in person.   The owner, Lee Kleinhelter, clearly has an incredible eye for design and her fantastic use of color continually blows me away.  Above, a few current favorites from the Pieces inventory.  I’m fairly certain I need that French birdcage…  I hope we move to Georgia come June!

25 comments on “Atlanta’s Best Pieces

  1. Stevi

    I’m always wanting to move somewhere different as well. I’ve never been to the South, but I did do some research and found that Nashville is only about 4 hours from St. Louis, so I will be visiting there very soon after I move to St. Louis.

    Thank you again for your donation, you are fantastic!

  2. Rachel

    I love the colors here – the green, turquoise, pink and gold/neutral!

    I love living in the South. Sometimes I miss the snow in the winter, but for the most part it’s great. You just have to acclimate to the heat and humidity. ;-)

  3. Amanda

    I love it there! My mom lived in Stone Mountain for a long time and I loved to visit! I hope you get to move there (of course, you know how I feel about Manhattan – that would be amazing too)!! XOXO

  4. my favorite and my best

    come on then!! some atl bloggers are headed that way end of april. going shopping at pieces, bungalow classic, kay douglass’s south of market etc etc..
    dinner and drinks after. i will even do some tracy anderson arm moves for you.

  5. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Rachel — My fiance keeps telling me how I romanticize the south and will die in the humidity. Where I grew up on the coast of California there is none so I’m sure it will be an adjustment, but I’m convinced it would be worth it!

    Amanda — So jealous!!! Manhattan could be fun too, but I’m longing for space and we could rent a two bedroom in Atlanta for the same price of a studio in nyc…sigh. Basically, when it comes down to it, I’m always just looking for a new adventure and the great American south would be just that! XO

    Jenny — Yes! Your Tracy Anderson arm moves are just what I’ve been missing in my life!

  6. passport in my pocket

    yes – we lived in atlanta until last october, it’s an awesome city!

    Pieces is one of my favorite shops. They also have ADORABLE dog collars and hand-blown glass tree ornaments during the winter months ;) The store is soooo tiny, but they pack a lot of fabulous things in it!


  7. Merritt

    Hey! Thanks for the comment :)

    I scrolled through your blog and saw the Hermes elephant towels. I am obsessed with giraffes but saw the Hermes elephant towels a couple weeks ago and decided I love elephants just as much!

    Cute blog- I’ll be visiting again!

  8. Kirby

    I love the hot pink moroccon pod! I’ve been keeping my eye open for a good deal on one. someday my apartment will be complete!

  9. Habitually Chic

    I always think Atlanta must be the chicest city since everyone I know from there is so stylish and talented! I actually ordered a few pieces from Pieces for the bachelor pad and they were so nice and helpful. I love everything they do! Bon Weekend!

  10. Michele

    Pieces is awesome in real life- MUCH smaller than you’d expect, but you’d love it. The South is the best.

  11. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Michele — Everyone keeps mentioned how small the place is! Now I’m really curious… As for the south being the best, so it would seem! I am so longing to move there…sigh.

  12. La Feem

    Hotlanta as they like to call it is nice and all but it’s definitely on the warm sticky side part of the year. It could be well worth it though, the downtown boutique shopping is awesome and I had the best drink of my life in the city, a peachtini!

  13. Haydee

    Love the hot pink pouf! I have the white one, and I’m still not sure what possessed me to buy white w/two little kids! I have my eye on the pink now.

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